In Memory

Paul Marchant

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10/18/16 11:13 AM #5    

Nicholas Eastland

I see Paul's headstone every time I visit my Dad's grave at the Arsenal. He is in the row behind my Dad. I think of him every time. 

10/18/16 01:11 PM #6    

Bruce Metzler

Bob, yes, I retired from 20 years enlisted, active service in the Naval Reserve.  Paul rates my salute not only because he was a commissioned officer, but also because he was a fine person and a fine American.

10/18/16 01:16 PM #7    

Suzee Carson (Branch)

I, too, visit Paul's grave every year when I go to Mom and Daddy's graves. Paul is in the same section and row. I say "hi" and feel sad he left us so young.




10/19/16 06:08 PM #8    

Helen Mueller (Drain)

We were classmates at Roosevelt and we were always close to the front for gym lineup.  He was a real nice guy.  I looked his name up in D.C. and others at the Viet Nam memorial.  I cried, to lose your life at such a young age, very sad.


10/19/16 08:12 PM #9    

Mike Best

Paul gave his life for our Country in a war nearly all of us did not understand nor support.  Yet Paul served and made the ultimate sacrifice.  I have been to the Viet Memorial in D.C. many times and have rubbed the names of other "Moliners" to include ex Moliners like Danny Wisely.  As a retired 20 year active duty Air Force Major and also a Viet Nam vet, I salute Paul and the many others who made the same sacrifices for our Country.  We must never forget those who have fallen in service of their Country.   

10/20/16 10:32 AM #10    

Ralph Cholewinski

Mike, Nicely said, 

10/21/16 04:18 PM #11    

Marg Rosborough (Duer)

I'm so proud of Paul and of all my classmates who keep Paul alive in these memories and in our thoughts as we read them.  Paul is with us in spirit, as are all our classmates who have gone before us.  What a warm feeling.

10/21/16 05:50 PM #12    

Jon Chapman

WOW- thanks everyone for awaking powerful memories of Paul. I lived about 200 yards from him for nearly 18 years; we played together often thru grade school. I share your recollections of the patriotic, fine person Paul was. I, too, have touched his name on the DC and "traveling" Vietnam memorials and was saddened by his opportunities lost-- to be a parent, to more fully contribute to society, or to attend a reunion to visit with old friends-- all for the sake of embellishing some politicians already- inflated ego..... God Bless you Paul.

Jon Chapman

10/26/16 04:09 PM #13    

Howard E. Westerdahl

I just want to mention Paul as well. He was like a brother to me in grade school years. I remember the many fun times we had collecting snakes from vacant lots and playing with his pet alligator. He bought the aligator by mail order, i believe. It was like 6-in long. He grew this "pet" to about 2-ft long! I remember grieving with his parents shortly after his death. I loved Paul like a brother. I touched his name on the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. as well as Rick Alamanza. Great guys who passed much too early!

01/23/18 12:36 PM #14    

Pierce Myers

I barely knew Paul in school but we were seatmates on a lfight to Moline shortly before he died. He was going home on leave and then back to Nam. He enjoyed explaining  what he did (tunnel rat) and that he was proud to serve his country. When you think of patriot, think of Paul. And be comfortable that he thought he was dying for a great county that he was proud to serve.

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