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•   Jim Snyder  11/24
•   Loren L. Tullberg (Tullberg)  11/22
•   Dana Clearman  9/12
•   Danny Webb  9/9
•   Joyce McMinn (Strach)  9/7
•   Linda L. Beardslee (Van Landuyt)  9/5
•   Cheryl Cooper  8/15
•   Marvin Gates  8/13
•   Tim Wilder  8/12
•   Michelle Monson (Moeller)  8/10
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3 live in Alabama
7 live in Arizona
6 live in Arkansas
17 live in California
9 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
32 live in Florida
9 live in Georgia
1 lives in Idaho
214 live in Illinois
3 live in Indiana
31 live in Iowa
2 live in Kansas
2 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Maine
3 live in Maryland
2 live in Massachusetts
10 live in Michigan
11 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
7 live in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
5 live in Nebraska
3 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in New York
5 live in North Carolina
7 live in Ohio
6 live in Oklahoma
4 live in Oregon
5 live in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
12 live in Texas
3 live in Utah
5 live in Virginia
7 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
10 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in New Brunswick
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Egypt
2 live in Mexico
1 lives in Panama
1 lives in Sweden
1 lives in United Kingdom
65 location unknown
159 are deceased


•   Jilane Swieringa (Savignano)  12/10
•   Sharon Seier (Wieck)  12/11
•   Sharron Shaffer  12/12
•   Herb Wilson  12/13
•   James Lee Bizarri  12/17
•   Tom Hogg  12/17
•   Jerry Miller  12/18
•   Gayle Bishop  12/19
•   Judy Pieper (Wyatt)  12/22
•   Mike Nightingale  12/25
•   Ralph Cook  12/28
•   Renae Cason (White)  1/1
•   Steve Gatz  1/5
•   Michelle Monson (Moeller)  1/6
•   Dave Galbraith  1/7
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Welcome to the web site for the

Moline High School Class of 1965

Giving Thanks 

I am thankful for many things and individuals, including the generous, kind-hearted folks who have made our MHS 65 Scholarship a wonderful success. All known contributors can be seen at Scholarship Contributors- Thank You!

I’m especially grateful to our Leadership Group who, in addition to contributing, gave their time and talents to organize and guide us along the way: Steve Acord, Louis Ainsworth, Cheryl Anderson Lehew, Debra Bjurstrom Carlson, Jon Chapman, Barry Curtis, Marie Flatley, Bob Groene, Rusty Hanneman, Carl Jensen, Jeff Johnson, Marg Rosborough Duer.

Some in our Leadership Group further helped:

*Evaluating Candidates: Debra, Marg, Bob
*Moline Foundation liaison: Marie, Barry, Jon 
*Communication Stuff: Marie, Jon 
*Legal Advice/Counsel: Louis 
*Scholarship Idea Originator: Bob

Please recall that we’ve raised more than $100,000 and made 10 Awards to date.

Recently, contributors voted to materially increase awards to $5,000 each, and to make two awards each year – one to an academic, the second to a vocationally pathed individual.

Finally, we plan no further fundraising, which, we estimate, will cause our fund to self-liquidate within our collective lifetimes (~10 years), after having helped approximately 30 worthy MHS grads!

Plenty, I’d submit, for which to be Thankful!!

Jon Chapman

* * * * * *


You're invited . . .

Photos courtesy of Jeannine Forsyth:  Jerry Miller, Phyllis Miller, Bob Groene, Joyce McMinn Strach, Tom Alstrand, Cyd Hillyer Humphreys, Jeff Johnson, Vee Johnson Maday, Barry Curtis

HAFNERS — A Moline institution where the food is excellent and the fellowship even better--especially at lunchtime when members of the MHS class of '65 will gather. All are welcome--join in on Wednesday, December 7th, at 11:30ish  this month and every first Wednesday of the month in the future.

* * * * * *

These times make small get togethers more important than ever.

Whether in the north, south, east, or west, getting together with Moline classmates can be both fun and  enjoyable. And even if you're not a camera person, send us just a picture or two of your get together to inspire others to do the same this winter. Tell us where and who was there. Then check back here to learn who is out and about this winter. 

2nd Annual Guy Fawkes Day mini-reunion happened on 11/5/22 for Floridians, at Cyd Hillyer's (photographer) house.  From left, Jeff Johnson, Larry and Christine (Eveland) VanLerberghe, Linda (Swanson) Nygaard, Stephanie Sundine, and Dale Nygaard.

In Sarasota, Cyd Hillyer Humphreys (not in picture), Cheryl Anderson Lehew, Dee Karstens, Jeff Johnson, and Steph Sundine met for lunch. Jeff even treated all to appetizers.     

In Ft. Myers, Steph Sundine, Linda Swanson Nygaard, Deanna Rohrbach Rossow, and Pam Peterson Verhille enjoyed chatting in a lovely waterside setting. 

In Punta Gorda, Chris Eveland VanLerberghe was visited by Cheryl Anderson Lehew and Marie Flatley. Later Larry VanLerberghe took them all for lunch at LeRoy's BBQ.

In February some classmates from near and far met up at Venezia on St. Armand Circle in Sarasota to check-in, catch up, and get re-acquainted. In the top photo you'll see Dee Karstens, Connie Springer, Jon Chapman, Jon Katherman, Larry VanLerBerghe ('64) and Chris Eveland VanLerBerghe, and Sharon Brotman Erickson.  In the bottom photo are Nick Eastland, Marie Flatley, Cheryl Anderson Lehew, Marg Rosborough Duer, Don Blaser, and Darlene Gabriel Katherman ('66). Time flew and all are looking forward to the big get together in September in Moline.

In May nine classmates (6 gals and 3 guys) met at Hafners in Moline for a bite and a visit. The three you see here were holding down the group--Ellen Greene, Marji Wenos Watkins, and Jane Tschappt.  Next lunch there is Wednesday, June 1, 11:30 am. Come join us! 

* * * * * *


Re-dedication of 1965 Flood Fighting Plaque

Moline is honoring the hundreds of young people who tried to save the Quad Cities from the historic flood of 1965. 

* * * * * *

Our Foreign Exchange Student -- Nazek Fahmy Habib

It's been far too long (50+ years) since we've heard much from our class exchange student, Nazek Fahmy, but Mary Parsons Caisley, her Moline host, recently met up with her in Alexandria, Egypt. It looks like a joyous reunion.  And we've been given the okay to post these pictures of them now.  Hopefully we can get a little more information later. 


* * * * * *

More photos. . . 

If you'd like to post photos, just let us know or just add to the albums already available under the section called Photos: Then and Now.  Two more albums were added recently for the 30th and 35th reunions.  Please feel free to include your photos in them.  You never know when they might put a smile on someone's face. 

* * * * * *