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By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Greg Allison (Deceased 2005)  
Rick Almanza (Deceased 1968)  
Carole Anderson (Deceased 2003)  
Greg Anderson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kenneth T Anderson (Deceased 2020)  
Pat Anderson (Skowronski) (Deceased 2019)  
Robert Paul Anderson (Deceased 2007)  
Tom Anderson (Deceased 1999)  
Al Andrews (Deceased 2014)  
Terry Andrews (Deceased Year Unknown)
Dale Aten (Deceased 1981)  
Steve Babcock (Deceased 1978)  
Don Bartell (Deceased 2013)  
Robert W. Behrens (Deceased 2015)  
Sharon Behsman (Mossman) (Deceased 1986)  
Dave Bergstrom (Deceased 2000)  
Richard Keith Bergstrom (Deceased 2017)  
James Black (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Stan Blaser (Deceased 2004)  
Michael Boone (Deceased 2018)  
Fred Briesch (Deceased 1983)  
Barbara Jean Brown (Hanes) (Deceased 2019)  
Dennis Brown (Deceased 1967)  
Dean Buhle (Deceased 2013)  
Al Burnham (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Janet Campbell (Jones) (Deceased 2004)  
Don Carnicle (Deceased 2009)  
James Carpenter (Deceased 2013)  
Vivian Charter (Hays) (Deceased 1994)
Susan Clark (Fowler) (Deceased 2018)  
Allan Close (Deceased 2007)
Rebecca Ann Collins (Deceased 2008)  
Russ W. Courter (Deceased 2019)  
Danny Daebelliehn (Deceased 2021)  
Diane DeClercq (Deceased 2011)  
Dinah DeCoster (Marsh) (Deceased 2004)  
Stephen DeCoster (Deceased 2019)  
Brad DeGeeter (Deceased 2011)  
Leslie DePooter (Deceased 1974)  
James DeRocker (Deceased 1990)  
John DeVos (Deceased 1995)  
Paul DeWaele (Deceased 2010)  
Vicki Ann Dickerson (Markuson) (Deceased 2014)  
Steve Evans (Deceased 2021)  
Donna Ewing (Berkenbile) (Deceased 2009)  
Bill Finch (Deceased Year Unknown)
Eric Fiscus (Deceased 1982)  
Gary Fisher (Deceased 1982)  
Pat Forber (Deceased 2017)  
Kent Frazelle (Deceased 2013)  
Scott Frazer (Deceased 2019)  
Mike Garman (Deceased 2011)  
Marilyn Gibbs (Deceased 2014)  
Jeanne Gittings (Deceased 2008)  
James Gordon (Deceased 2008)
Ellen Gottsche (Whitcomb) (Deceased 2018)  
Steve Grau (Deceased 2002)  
Glenn Greer (Deceased 1999)  
Sharon Grogg (Jackson) (Deceased 2017)  
Mike Hall (Deceased 1996)  
Tim Halloran (Deceased 2008)  
Barb Hamilton (Deceased 1992)  
Rick Hammerberg (Deceased 2005)  
Dan Hanell (Deceased 2019)  
Bill Hansen (Deceased Year Unknown)
Greg Harvey (Deceased 1967)  
Sherry Havens (Rowe) (Deceased 2021)  
Roger Hellebuyck (Deceased 2004)  
Dennis Holmberg (Deceased 1991)  
Michael Thomas Honsa (Deceased 2012)  
Tom Hora (Deceased 2021)  
Jon Hoskins (Deceased 2003)  
Terry Hubbard (Deceased 2005)  
Richard Huffstutler (Deceased 2018)  
Gary Isaacson (Deceased 2020)  
Dan Jackson (Deceased 2021)  
Ted Jamieson (Deceased 2000)  
Dan Jeffery (Deceased 2014)  
Candace Ann Johnson (Spiegel) (Deceased 2014)  
David Ernest Johnson (Deceased 2022)  
Margie Johnson (Deceased 2015)  
Doug Jones (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Joyce Jordon (Snider/Brown) (Deceased 2012)  
George Jurczyk (Deceased 2011)  
Jack Keene (Deceased 1994)  
Ed Kepple (Deceased 2020)  
Chris Langill (Deceased 2008)  
Thor Larson (Deceased 1975)  
Jackie Leaf (Merringer) (Deceased 2017)  
Dan Lear (Deceased 2021)  
Thomas Lundeen (Deceased 1970)
Lynda Madsen (Deceased 2011)  
Mike Manis (Deceased 1994)  
Paul Marchant (Deceased 1969)  
Betsy Marquis (Kerns) (Deceased 2010)  
Dave Martel (Deceased 2017)  
Rosanne Martens (Schimmel) (Deceased 1995)  
Wayne Mathwig (Deceased 2016)  
Jay McFadyen (Deceased 2021)  
Craig T McFarlin (Deceased 2017)  
Rebecca McGinnis (Deceased 1987)  
Herman McHenry (Deceased 2012)  
Jan McIntosh (Smith) (Deceased 2013)  
Chris Mitchell (Deceased 1993)  
Wesley Mitchell (Deceased 2011)  
Tiffany Mooney (Cain) (Deceased 2010)  
Gary Morissette (Deceased Year Unknown)
Craig Morton (Deceased 2015)  
Dona Munger (Roels) (Deceased 2015)  
Judy Myers (Gabelhausen) (Deceased 2014)  
Ted Neff (Deceased 2010)  
Ken Nicke (Deceased 2003)  
Joseph Ocheltree (Deceased 2021)  
Barbara Olson (Bloom) (Deceased 2020)  
John Palos (Deceased 1995)  
Douglas E. Peterson (Deceased 2017)  
Michael Polchow (Deceased 2012)  
Dixie Ralston (Wilson) (Deceased 2021)  
Ruth Ramsey (Irwin) (Deceased 1998)  
Melvia Randles (Hubbard) (Deceased 2010)  
Randa Raupp (Lee) (Deceased 2016)  
Cheri Reynolds (Schell) (Deceased 2005)  
Janet Ridenour (Konecky) (Deceased 2018)  
Cindy Roberts (Prouty) (Deceased 1988)  
Jennifer Robinson (Houdyshell) (Deceased 2015)  
Bill Roedell (Deceased 1994)  
Ron Roels (Deceased 2020)  
Dave Roman (Deceased 2014)  
Marcia Rose (Hayd) (Deceased 2020)  
Richard Ryckeghem (Deceased 2019)  
Jimmy Salsman (Deceased 2016)  
Peter Scherbroeck (Deceased 2020)  
Leonard Schimmel (Deceased 2009)  
Donald Schmidt (Deceased 2021)  
Diana Schwarz (Johnson) (Deceased 1987)  
Bill Seller (Deceased 1992)  
Laurie Sorensen (Perrine) (Deceased 2010)  
Sharon Stewart (Deceased 1993)  
Jeff Swanson (Deceased 2008)  
Janet Swensson (Lindell-Larsen) (Deceased 2018)  
Billy Taft (Deceased 1990)
Teresa Tschopp (Hora) (Deceased 2021)  
Mary Tusler (Pagdet) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Thomas VanBelle (Deceased 2006)  
Gary R. VanOteghem (Deceased 2019)  
Paul Varner (Deceased 2016)  
Richard Verstraete (Deceased 2002)  
Stephen Wagner (Deceased 2021)  
Richard Leon Waters (Deceased 2022)  
Barry Wells (Deceased 1968)  
Judy Wiborg (Muse) (Deceased 2008)  
Kenneth Wilfong (Deceased 1999)  
Richard E. Womack (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Mike Wood (Deceased 2014)  
Mark Mortier (Deceased 2020)  
Paul Savignano (Deceased 2021)  
Ray Varner (Deceased 1967)  

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