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Bill Seller

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03/05/16 09:38 PM #1    

John Hoff

Hi All, going through my info on Bill. He passed away from a single car auto crash in the Colorado mountains he was alone. He and his wife Sharon were raising their son Barrett. Years back his family had a memorial service in Moline an his body was interred in Superior Colorado.



03/06/16 03:27 PM #2    

Al Buchanan

Bill moved to Evergreen Colo. With his wife Sharon. I believe his son was born shortly before. The day of his accident I was with him for lunch. He was his usual self, full of life and great just to be around. The accident was at a very dangerous spot in the road and had been for a long time. Shortly after that terrible night the spot was fixed so that would not happen again. We became good friends for a second time and I think about him often
AL Buchanam

03/09/16 12:34 AM #3    

Marg Rosborough (Duer)

Thank you for filling me with memories of Bill--my first one is climbing up and down the bleachers at a football game at Brownig Field, must have been in Junior High.  A carefree time.  And, there are so many others, including trying to understand why we were in Viet Nam, where was that, and all the confusion. Seeing debonnaire Bill at a reunion, and talking to him on the phone for the last time when he was in Evergreen.  It's good to know he's still so much with us--forever young.  Thanks John and Al.





03/09/16 11:15 AM #4    

Linda Swanson (Nygaard)


 Ditto Marg!  He was not only one of a kind but one of THE best! Loved his quirky smile and humor.  Will post a photo soon  







03/09/16 12:36 PM #5    

Nicholas Eastland

During my first 5 years of life, we lived in Molette a couple of houses from Bill. I also have fond memories of him and his family. I even have a little scar on the back of my head from where he hit me with the handle of a cap gun after I had thrown my gun at him during some sort of argument. We remained friends thru the years although I lost contact with him following high school.

03/09/16 01:04 PM #6    

Linda L. Beardslee (Van Landuyt)

I have knownn Bill since Washington Elementary.  He was always very kind to me.  At our 25 year reunion, Bill came up to me and kissed my hand.  It made me feel like a princess.  He was so debonair and sweet.  He is dearly missed by many.

03/09/16 01:56 PM #7    

Suzee Carson (Branch)

this is so interesting and wonderful to have billy seller's name and memory resurface. thanx john hoff. billy was my brother. kept me from being a true only child as our parents were best friends and so i have many pictures of us that go back to diaper clad toddlers. edie mentioned you, john hoff, right before she moved from molette to be near lori since it was her time of life to need more assistance to keep going. jon chapman reliably checked in on edie, good lad! my memories of billy fill the scrapbook i made after he left us. i hear his voice clearly. i love him dearly.




03/10/16 07:34 AM #8    

Tom Breecher





Billy was one of my good friends in grade school.  We would spend many a day riding bikes around the area, climbing trees, building forts or damming up the creek at the bottom of the ravine behind my house.   My most vivid memory was on a summer day when we had played longer than we should have and he was going to be late getting home. I tood him that it would be no problem. We bundled his bike into the back seat of our old Chrysler and headed for his house. We met my dad as we were going around the corner, rolled down the window and told him that Billy was late and needed to get home in a hurry. He said "Just be careful" and drove on. We did get him home on time!

BTW We were eleven!!

Great guy. Died too young

03/10/16 10:44 AM #9    

Jon Chapman

Thanks John and everyone for helping remember our good friend, Bill- a fun and funny guy! My remembrances of Bill include: * Playing City and Church league basketball together- we were OK in that arena, but not good enough to have gotten meaningful playing time on our great MHS team. 

* Sandbagging with Bill during the Flood of '65- helping the Community while having LOTS of fun........

* Delivering pianos and organs with Bill and George Van Damme, and some of the goofy things we did after delivering the "Goods", including argueing with Bill about who got to ride George's Harley Sportster......

* Riding around on Fri or Sat nites in Dave's parents "Grocery Getter" station wagon, doing stuff we'd ask our kids/ grandkids  to NOT do.....

* The deep sense of sadness and loss, reflected in Edie's, Sharon's, and all of our faces at Bill's memorial service......

Like you, I miss Bill, too.                      Jon Chapman

03/10/16 12:06 PM #10    

Sue Fusselman (Ferrell)

How wonderful to read the sweet memories of our dear friend Bill.  He certainly was one of a kind.  I loved hanging out with Bill as he always made me laugh.  One particular memory I have of him was at my house (maybe juniors in high school) and we were in my parents' rec room in their basement.   Bill had the great idea to stuff our mouths full of saltine crackers and then try to whistle and talk.  We were laughing so hard, we were spitting cracker crumbs all over the room.  We certainly were recreating in the rec room!

At Bill's memorial service in Moline, I remember a framed photo of Bill (with that cute and playful smile on his face) sitting on the altar.  At the end of the service, his little son Barrett scurried up to the front of the church, grabbed the photo, and hugged it close to his chest. It was one of the most touching scenes I have ever experienced.  Outside the church, after the service, I remember witnessing our high-school guy friends all-grown-up, embracing each other and sobbing.  It was the first time I had seen grown men cry, and at that point, I think I grew up a bit myself.   

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