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Roger Hellebuyck

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12/30/12 01:45 PM #1    

Keith Skromme

Roger Hellebuyck was one of the most intelligent and creative students that I knew when I attended school in Moline, IL.  I would spend hours discussing any number of topics with him, and I was always amazed at the depth and breath of his knowledge and insight.  

I still clearly remember a class assignment that we had in our junior high school English class, in which we were instructed to prepare a booklet containing the attractions and historic sites available in Illinois.  We both immediately mailed out requests to the chamber of commerce in every major city and county, asking for copies of their promotional brochures and pamphlets.  I assembled mine into a huge four inch thick folder, stuffed with every piece of paper that I received.  It wasn't pretty and it was not exactly well organized, but then again I was going for quantity!  Roger submitted a thin, 35 page booklet that was not only wonderfully organized and informative, but is was also visually stunning.  I got a B.  Roger rightfully got an A+.  

I learned from that experience, so that later in my life while working as an accountant and controller, I strived to always present my financial information in a clear, organized and informative fashion.  

Roger, I miss you, my friend, and I still think about you often.

Keith Skromme

02/07/15 04:13 PM #2    

Cheryl Anderson (Lehew)

Roger was a friendly guy and wow, was he a heck of a piano player! 

02/07/15 05:01 PM #3    

Marji Wenos (Watkins)

Roger was my first high school love.  I always felt honored that he would choose me as his girlfriend with all of his brains and talent.  One of the most selfless things I remember and hold dear is the fact that being of different faiths and having very strict parents, I was not allowed to date Roger, so he decided to start coming to my church with me on Sunday evenng and even put together a children's choir.  I visit Roger's gravesite when I'm in Moline and remember him fondly.

02/08/15 04:08 PM #4    

Pat Forber

I remember Roger from my 4 years with the Moline Boys' Choir (MO BO CHO).  He often performed piano solos during concerts and many times he played the piano accompaniment for the Choir, too.  I was always amazed at his ability to play difficult pieces on the piano.  His music was delightful.  How did he get to good?  My guess is it's the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice!  He must have practiced a lot!!

02/09/15 07:40 AM #5    

Art Hanson

I remember Roger as a kind, caring individual.  His death was the world's loss.  He was a fine person.

06/13/15 01:43 AM #6    

Ellen Gizynski (Greene)

Keith expressed who Roger was very succinctly.  He was brilliant and talented.  I think a lot of us enjoyed more success in school by attending study sessions in the cafeteria with him.  I never understood how he knew what would be on the test! 

I remember riding around in his convertible for days and days w/ the oil light on red.  Finally I said, "Rog, we need to stop at a gas station and check your oil," which was a complete surprise to him.  Sure enough he was down to one quart of oil!  At least I knew something he didn't.  I mentioned it to his dad and he was not the least bit worried.  He said, "It's ok, he will never have to work with this hands."  He got that right!

I still wear a cross that he gave me in high school.  It was lovely and said something about who he was. 

RIP and play those heavenly chords for the angels and all your friends.

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